Rich Homie Quan, an Atlanta rapper has taken the music production by surprise just in 23 years.

Born on October 4, 1989, DeQuantes Lamar is known as “Quan” by his family members  and good friends, he is  the eldest among three siblings which were raised in one single family house. Initially having ambitions to become an expert baseball player, still Quan passion couldn’t be ignored by him for music.Having an indisputable skill for storytelling, Rich Homie Quan’s concentration rapidly moved to rapping. After Investing countless time within the studio, he started rolling out road hit after hit, that ultimately led to the 2008 break “Stay Down” showcasing the Stack Money Boys. Just starting to make his presence in Atlanta, the song “Stay Down” turned a cover favorite and strengthen the beginning of a bright rap career for Rich Homie Quan.Launched in 2011, Quan returned to produce music having a fresh perspective on life, Quan said “I can’t return back to that, this really is my life & I’m grateful for it”. As destiny would contain it Quan met the person that would function as his coach, CEO Tezzy, things appeared to look shiny again for this ambitious rapper.

Viewing the amazing expertise in Quan, CEO Tezzy provided them a deal with his tag L.O.R known as Loyalty Over Royalties. Recognized for his exceptional work-ethic, Homie Quan stayed within the studio uncontrollably, where he meets his label-mate Mafio.With comparable work techniques and design’s behavior, Quan and Mafio chose to form a group named, No Sleep Gang. The group’s title served as a honor for their through the night work routines and a lot of time spent doing the things they enjoy, making songs. Rapidly getting impetus, a following was acquired by the No Sleep Gang with many expecting the launch of the initial  plan Money Season. This mixtape that was planned to fall January 1 in 2012 was hit by disaster when good friend and coach to Quan, his mentor Tezzy died only fourteen days ahead of its launch date.Confronted with unspeakable suffering and Overcoming numerous obstacles, Quan find his long way back to the songs and promised to determine his dream arrived at fruition. In the year 2012, Quan came ultimately back more powerful than ever signing for Atlanta-Based autonomous brand T.I.G and delivering his critically renowned ‘Still Goin In’ mixtape. Showing to be always a stepping-stone for achievement, T.I.G additionally acts as home to tag friends ForteBowie and Trinidad Jamedollar and.Rich Homie Quan hadn’t had a simple path, why fans and followers love him for his triumphal nature and truthful lyrics. Quan who’s getting ready to re launch his notorious mixtape offers followers patiently waiting to listen to the several new tracks which are showcased on ‘Still Goin In’ the Reloaded version. Quan got this to express about what’s available, “I’m equipped with great songs and I’m here to stay”. Having an amazing group of followers, contagious songs and supported from the best-in the overall game, most are persuaded Rich Homie Quan is licensed alongside to blow.


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